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Tritex® EVA

Intelligent Electric Valve Actuation

Industrial - Exlar

No Vent, No Bleed, Zero Emissions Solution for Valves

Features & Benefits
  • Field tested and approved for use in American oil fields
  • 100% duty cycle rated for continuous modulation
  • Fast valve close times in as little as 1 second 
  • Robust roller screw drive train for low maintenance and industry leading life
  • Servo design allows for valve jam protection 
  • Advanced valve seating control extends valve life 
  • Absolute position sensing for increased control 
  • Compact overall footprint
More Details

Industry-Leading Intelligent Electromechanical Actuator for Valve Control

With the Exlar Tritex EVA080, you can increase your revenue and eliminate emissions with state-of-the-art electric valve actuation. The Tritex EVA080 electric valve actuator is a new solution for separators, plunger lifts, injection pumps, and other well head valve applications. 

By eliminating the need to vent natural gas to the atmosphere, the Tritex EVA is environmentally friendly and efficient. The powerful and compact system integrates a servo drive, motor, and roller screw actuator to achieve extreme life, speed, and accuracy.


Tritex® EVA

Based on nearly 30 years of experience in industrial valve automation, our Tritex EVA Series is a clear leader. The Tritex® EVA080 is a high-performance, high-speed smart valve actuator designed to meet today’s zero emissions industry regulations. With this innovation, you can meet today's strict regulations without compromising performance or speed when switching from pneumatic to electric. The Tritex EVA080 stands out as one of the top electric valve actuators on the market today.

Tritex EVA080 Upstream Applications

  • Oil & Gas Wellhead Valve Control

  • Pipeline Valve Control

  • Dump Valve

  • Separators

  • Pressure Valves

  • Gas Lift Valves

  • Compressor Scrubbers

  • Damper Control

  • Knife Valve Control

  • Chemical Pumps

  • Plunger Lifts

  • Injection Pumps and more

Tritex EVA080 in use in the Permian Basin 

Tritex EVA ApplicationsUpstream Applications 

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EVA Ordering Information   

Actuator Series
EVA = Electric Valve Actuator, Linear

AAA = Actuator Frame Size
080 = 80 mm (3.1 in)

BBB = Stroke Length
100 = 100 mm (4 in)

CC = Screw Lead
01 = 2.54 mm (0.1 in), Roller Screw

D = Rod End Thread
B = Female Metric, M12x1.25

EE = Motor | Drive
AA = Standard Motor (A), Standard Servo Drive (A), 12-24 Vdc Input

F = Position Sensing
H = Absolute Position Sensing

G = Communication
R = Standard Modbus RTU (RS-485)

Product Specifications

Electric Versus Pneumatic Valve ActuatorsOpen arrow
Compare the benefits of an electric system over a pneumatic system.
  Electric System Pneumatic System
Efficiency & Emissions
Energy Usage: Low High
Green-house Emissions: Zero-Emissions High
Actuator Price: Higher than pneumatic Lower actuator cost
System Price: Low, power wiring, power supply High, air supply, piping, pneumatic valves, etc.
Installation Labor Price: Low High
Time to Open/Close: As little as a second; speed does not affect actuator life As fast as several seconds, quick speeds negatively affect system life
Installation Footprint: Compact, light weight Large, complex, and heavy
Controllable Thrust/Speed: Programmable speed, position, thrust Very limited 
Commissioning: Easy-to-use Expert PC tool Complicated system install
Fail-safe Mode: Possible with 3rd party components Not easily possible
System Construction: Robust design Fragile components, sensitive to vibration
Onboard Diagnostics: Yes No
Repair & Replace:  Field serviceable, spares available Low maintenance efficiency, specialized parts
Ongoing Maintenance:  Minimum system components for minimum maintenance
Maintain fittings, hoses, compressor, supporting air components, mechanical wear
Tritex EVA080 Performance SpecificationsOpen arrow
Power & Control
Rated Thrust 1000 lbf (4.4 kN) 
Seating Thrust ISO Rated Thrust 1500 lbf (6.67 kN) 
Speed 1 in/s (24.4 mm/s) @ 24 Vdc
Stroke Length 4 in (101.6 mm
Input Voltage 12-24 Vdc nominal, 9-32 Vdc max range
Input Current 10 A @ rated thrust, 1 A @ nominal thrust
Endurance & Life
Endurance 10,000 + starts, 3600+ starts per hour
Duty Class D continuous modulating, 100% duty cycle
Life 10,000,000+ cycles over 10 years
Communication & Commissioning
Serial Interface Isolated Modbus RTU (RS-485), max baud rate 38.4 k
Software Tool Free-to-download Expert  PC commissioning tool
Inputs & Outputs
Digital Inputs 3 - Isolated, 9-30 Vdc
Digital Outputs 2 - Isolated, 9-30 Vdc
Analog Input 1 - Isolated, 4-20 mA, position / thrust demand
   0.1% resolution 0.5% linearity over temperature range
Analog Output 1- Isolated, 4-20 mA, position / thrust feedback
  0.1% resolution, 0.5% linearity over temperature range
Environmental & Mounting
Enclosure NEMA 4X, IP66
Operating temperature -40 to 149 °F (-40 to 65 °C)
Ambient storage temperature -55 to 180 °F (-48 to 82 °C)
Mounting Face mount, any orientation
Noise Less than 70 dB operation
Weight 17.2 lbs (7.8 kg)
Approvals cCSAus Class 1, Division 2, Group A, B, C, D, T5
Product Standards ISO 22153, RoHS
Valve Adapter KitOpen arrow

- available from Motion Express 

Easy Installation    

  1. Face mount to detachable valve mount kits to fit a wide variety of industry standard valves for easy mounting

    DynaFlo, Kimray, Norriseal, Fisher, more

  2. Self-aligning assembly 

  3. Built-in actuator anti-rotate assembly

  4. Corrosion resistant and wide temperature range design suitable for the harshest environments (-100 °F to 200 °F)

    Matt black powder coat finish
    Stainless steel stem adapter
    Zinc plated hardware



Purchase Instructions:

  • Contact Motion Express for availability     Phone: 720.346.7305

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Industrial - Exlar, Brochures/Catalogs
The Tritex EVA Flyer gives a brief overview of the product.
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Actuator Technical Data

Manuals and Technical Tips - Close attention is required to the electrical installation and the system design to avoid hazards either in normal operation or in the event of equipment malfunction.

Industrial - Exlar, Brochures/Catalogs
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Industrial - Exlar, Manuals
Industrial - Exlar, Manuals
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Tritex EVA Intelligent Electric Valve Actuator
Industrial - Exlar, Product Videos
See how the Tritex EVA080 electric valve actuator for separators, plunger lifts, injection pumps, and other well head valve applications can increase your revenue and eliminate emissions.
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Are electric actuators as reliable as existing pneumatic actuators?Arrow

Utilizing a roller screw drive train, the Tritex EVA exceeds ISO22153 class D performance with little to no maintenance, and will last for years. 

Are electric actuators more expensive than pneumatic actuators?Arrow

When comparing actuator price to actuator price this is true. But If you compare the entire system price of a no-emissions actuation solution to a pneumatic system, electric actuators can be the more cost-effective solution.

Are electric valve actuators suitable for critical applications requiring high-speed?Arrow

The Tritex EVA electric valve actuator is as fast as pneumatic actuators, opening and closing in as little as one second. 

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