This procedure is for EXLAR PRODUCTS ONLY:

Review with Technical Support
Before requesting a RGA number and if your actuator is within the warranty period, please review your situation with Technical Support to see if it is possible to resolve the issue prior to return. Contact CHA_applications@curtisswright.com for technical support.

RGA Number
If it is determined that a RGA number is required, please contact the Returned Goods Administrator by phone 952-500-6200 or email CHA_returns@curtisswright.com.

  • International Repairs: Please closely follow instructions provided by the Returned Goods Administrator. Failure to comply with issued instructions may result in delays for repair and return.
  • The RGA Request Form must be completed and submitted, and a purchase order number must be provided prior to a RGA number being issued.

Purchase Order
Curtiss-Wright requires a purchase order at the time of RGA:

  • Warranty returns: $750 (waived if warranty coverage is confirmed). Exceptions are listed below:
    • – FT45: $1000
    • – FT60: $1350
    • – FT80: $1800
  • Non-warranty returns: fee based on desired service level (consult your local Exlar distributor for fees)

Important Links

Please fill in the form below completely. We will get back to you after reviewing. If you have any problems or questions about submitting the form, contact  CHA_returns@curtisswright.com for assistance. Please include screen shots or error messages if possible.

Bill To Information

End Customer Information

Product Information

(Curtiss-Wright requires submission of MSDS data sheets prior to commencing work on the actuator):
(examples: unit makes grinding noise/unit shakes while extending/unit has burning smell/etc.)

Service Options

Check website for description and pricing
No need for a dollar sign and whole numbers only

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